Q: Can I register as an individual or as a team of more than two?
A: Based on feedback from our first two mud runs this year’s mud run will ONLY have teams of two. Sorry, no individuals, you’ll be happy you have a partner for some of the obstacles. You can create your own “larger teams” for fun but only 2-person teams are eligible for registration and awards.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Sorry, no friends of the four-legged variety are allowed. Unless, of course, they are a registered guide dog and are easily identified as such.

Q: Is there beer at the afterparty?
A: Ayup, there will be Cornona, Corona Light and some of our local faves Coastal Empire Beer Company will be serving up Tybee Blond and Savannah Brown! Make sure you BRING YOUR ID! There will be an ID check for a beer bracelet. No bracelet, no beer! And of course plenty of non-alcoholic beverages too!

Q: Is there an Early Bird Special for registration? Do Prices increase?
A: Absolutely!

  • $100 through May 11
  • $110 May 12 – June 15
  • $120 June 16 – June 20
  • Military price stays $100
  • Mud Dobbers Run for 7 year olds and younger is FREE!
  • Parking is FREE!
  • Spectators are FREE – unless you want to partake of all the great food & drink and then it’s only a $10 donation to the Lady Bamford Center.

Q: Is there a minimum age for this run?
A: Yes, ages 8 and up are allowed to participate in the run. For ages 7 and under, we have a mud pit they can play in called the Mud Dobber. Adult supervision is required at all times while your child is playing in the Mud Dobber.

Q: How hard are the obstacles? Is it something I can do with my kids?
A: The JCB Mud Run is designed for and geared toward having fun, getting muddy, and getting your heartbeat up! That said, the obstacles will not be as intense as some other mud runs throughout the country – fire pits or death-defying towers or barbed wire! There will be some serious mud pits to slosh through, some other man-made, remember we manufacture dirt-loving equipment, and natural obstacles to conquer.

Q: Will there be a mass start?
A: No. The race starts in waves. Approximately 25 teams go at a time, with a 3 minute lag between each wave.

Q: Will I be able to get cleaned up before I have to drive home?
A: Yes. After you finish, cleaning stations are available to help wash some of the mud and dirt off… if you want! There will be plenty of time to dry off (if it’s not raining) at the after party too!

Q: Where do I go for packet pick-up?
A: You can pick up your 2014 JCB Mud Run packet at Fleet Feet on Friday, June 20th from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM or the morning of the Mud Run at JCB.

Q: What if I can’t get to the packet pick-up on Friday, can I get everything I need for the race the morning of?
A: Absolutely! Packets can be picked up race morning between 6:30 AM and 7:45 AM at JCB, just look for the Packet Pick-up / Registration sign.

Q: How deep is the lake?
A: Parts of the lake may be over 6 feet deep, however there are ropes to use to pull you across. However if you do not want to swim / use the ropes you may run around the lake.

Q: Do I have to wear a costume?
A: You do not have to wear a costume but feel free to show your wild side as there will be awards for the Best Team Costume. Just remember to keep the costumes family friendly since there will be plenty of kids of all ages enjoying the mud and sludge!
Costume judging will take place at the JCB Events Trailer (near start / finish line) from 7:15 AM – approximately 9:30 AM!

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: Sorry, but there are no refunds as the proceeds go to The Lady Bamford Center for Early Childhood Development.

Q: Can one member of the Team check-in for everyone on the Team?
A: Absolutely! As a matter of fact, it’s encouraged since we are expecting 2,000 muddy runners this year! All you’ll need is your Team Name or list of both teammates names AND the signed waiver for each runner! Download the waiver here —> http://jcbmudrun.com/site_images/Mud-Run-Waiver_.pdf

Q: What if it rains?
A: Are you kidding? That’s even better… more MUD! Some weather considerations may require an adjustment to the start time but we’re getting muddy on race day!

Q: I’m not much for slogging through the mud but would love to volunteer!
A: Excellent! We appreciate the help… plus you’ll get a really cool t-shirt! >>> click here

Q: Will you have a bag check?
A: Sorry NO bag check, so make sure to bring a friend if you need someone to hold your “stuff.” Please leave valuables, especially jewelry at home!

Q: Can I bring my bike?
A: You sure can, but a few rules for the biker set. Please be aware of the runners, this is a race after all and there will be a lot of them! And, as tempting as it will be, absolutely no bikes are allowed on the course even though it’ll make you want to be a BMX racer.

Q: Can I load up a cooler with food and beverage and bring with me?
A: Of course, just remember we are not responsible if someone finds the contents of your cooler to their liking! We will also have food and beverages at the Post Race Party – racers are free, all spectators are a $10.00 (cash or check) donation to The Lady Bamford Center for Early Childhood Development.

Q: What if I just want to come out and watch the fun!
A: We recommend it! It’s great to running along with an extra 10 pounds of mud stuck to your shoes and have people cheering you on from the sidelines! Parking is free but we are asking for a $10.00 (cash or check) donation to The Lady Bamford Center for Early Childhood Development that will also give you access to all the food and beverage at the Post Race After Party. Please remember to have a Photo ID if you plan on having a beer. 21 and over will be required to wear a wristband to consume alcohol.