2014 Waves

Please start in the wave that your team is assigned to, if your team starts in the wave other than the one assigned, your team will not be eligible for awards.

WAVE 1 8.00am
Mudderella Mamas Muddy Beans Pure Pain One Goodpaster and Son
Full Tank of Gas Partners In Crime Pure Pain 2 Thunder and Lighting
Double D’s Pain and Punishment Mud Pies Team Jones
Absolute Precision Sons of Thunder 1/6 of Dirty Dozen Mud Minnows
Albee Double A Muddy Buddies Sisters Forever
Got The Runs Tre Rollins Muddy Squirts Boot Camp Muddys
Mudd Trekkes
WAVE 2 8.03am
Stitchax2 TerMUDnators Got Soap? Muddy Mama’s
MI Mudskis Mud-WISE-Errs Ballz Viscious and Delicious
Make me a Sammich Gettin dirty 10 Years Dirty Divas Domonation
Peper On The Happy Pachyderms lady Dozers Los Lemley’s
Team Steinbach Mud Blingers Stacy and her Dirty Old Man Stay in Savannah
Two half Sized Humans Down and Dirty Hellbenders Run Dirty
Dirty Pandas
WAVE 3 8.06am
Chafing a Dream J2 Belles Mud Sweat and Tears
Mudder Fockers Hug-a-thugs Slaughter my tad Who farted?
Muddy Moes Team Davis get some Muddy Mustangs 2 Muddy Mommas
Brown Chicken Brown Cow Team Davis got some Recon Gata 2
Ebony+Ivory… the Return The Masochists Win or Lose we Booze Gata
Redneck con queso Southern Yankee Pseudo Seizures Mud Sweat and Beers
gutter buttz Brother McManus
WAVE 4 8.09am
Sweaty Yetis Mud Monkeys Serch’s Dirty Moos
How I met your Mudder Wesley sniped unpaid taxes Big Little Mudders Mud Love
Its ‘cooler’ in mud Iron Bowl Maidens Vanguard Yes Team Midori
Reyes Reaction Mud Life Crisis Cherry-Donahue Mudder Cluckers
Low speed-high drag The Swinging Organs Sole Survivors Will not fit
Jam it! Lil Geechee Rubber Duckies Hugh Barnes Mud sweat – Mud Banditos
& beers The Smudges
WAVE 5 8.12am
The Charlie Browns Dirty Bird Crane 1 Mud Minnows 1 Lanser
Lift 1 Dirty Bird Crane 2 Mud Minnows 2
How’s your mud and then?
Lift 2 Dirty Bird Crane 3 Mud Minnows 3 Muddy Munchkins
Polish Power Dos Habaneros Mud Minnows 4 Clash of Mud Clans
Geezer and Son Fosters Buddies Mud Minnows 5 Mega Mud Monsters
Jagannauts Grass Mud Horse Mud Minnows 6 Babel and Meli
Mud Minnows 7
WAVE 6 8.15am
Muddy Love Muddy Bachelors Mudders and Daughters Mud Lovers
Total Mud Warriors Dirty Parrotheads Daughters & Mudders Kids of Mudders
Keep it Dirty Mud Minions m&n Turtle Trotters
Muddy Cat Jacket Consultants
His Mudder was a mudder Candy with Chocolate Shell Chubchubs
Brown chicken brown cow Excelsior Doin the Dirty Dirty Doge
Dirt sandwich Mudders and Daughters 2 Mud-Vengers Get Down and Dirty
I’m with Stupid Danahs Dirty Duo
WAVE 7 8.18am
AAA1 The Dirty Duo Parkers run david Langford and the –
Sole Sisters AAA3 Beth and Matthew mudder fockers
Beauty and the Beast Libbill Muddin More Muddy More Ditches Love Bugs,
AAA2 We dig this pit Los Pantalones
Laurence Hayes and team –
The Roses Wind and Fire Mighty Munchkins the Termudnator
Mudder and Son Fun Dfunk Allstars Warriors of Todd Heil Mud Faster
Schrek and Donkey Team Spark
WAVE 8 8.21am
Lorah Welch and – The Ryan Rebels Team Ram Rod Mudzillas 1
the Masochists Talk Dirty to me Mud Sweat and yes Gate 7 sc
The Whelos, The Muddy Wonder twins Dennis Counihan and – Gate 7 pa Team 1
Sweet and Sexy TIBI Mud Minnows 2 Gate 7pa Team 2
Soggy Soles Pimp my stride Mud Lovers Mudy Buddies
Face Feet EOD Mudders Thing 1 Thing 2 Team Ram Rod
AAA4 2 Mudskateers, Team mass-del-vestation
WAVE 9 8.24am
#dorasstubborncx The Asian and the Caucasian Baby got mud Filthy Fairies
The Dirty Martinis Mud gives me whiskey chick Bluemesa1 Odd Couple
Dead last but we finished Run like the winded Boobalicious O’Moireasdan
Down with Brown B mud Spartan Team 1 yes
Stuck in the mud Maknmom Blue Mesa 2 Gulfstream Mudders
Mud Crickets Cheljai Colony Bank Mud Cakes
Foo Man Chu
WAVE 10 8.27am
Two Dirty Blondes But did you die? Felder Associates Muddy Todes
Sisters Fast and delirious TNC Team Giorgianni 1
JoJo the dog The Mighty Dragons Soggy Siblings Team Giorgianni 2
Little Lisa Little Brayden thunder strikers Regnar Rebels Mudder Fudders
Upper Topper Flopper Stoppers Mud Couple Dirty Rain Girls Its’ Better Wetter
Cherry pie Puro cachet Dirty Rain Boys Camp Horn
Dirty Duo
WAVE 11 8.30am
Tough Mudder Fudders Warren Schluter mud – The Muddy Murphys Sweet Muddy Mess!
Two Tough Mothers sweat & beers Great Grand Mudders Mud Nuts,
Imgurians Mud Butts Mud Dogs Young Mud
The Heartbreakers Out of Shape Irishman I thought this was a 5K The Muddy Motherlovers
Beach Bunnies
Mercedes lebedin muddy buddies
Hydra & Son Hot Muddy Mess
Taylor Stephens Beauty – Mud Butties Peeksters Muddy Pelican
and the Beast Dirty 30’s Mud Shots HDZ Team
WAVE 12 8.33am
TNT Mud Dancers Dirty Teachers Keith and Kelly
Cozad Cozad 1 Cozad 2 Down and Dirty Divas
Blackjack Muddie Buddies Thunder Rock 106.1 Lobsta
Dirty South Mud Town Trolley Sloggers C&C Mud Bugs James Kobleur and –
Swampy Hipster Sloths Mudders Finest Dirty Dogs Mud, Sweat & Beers
Shuman Dirty Diggers Shuman 2 Mud Puppies
Linders Lady & The Tramp
WAVE 13 8.36am
Mingledorff Hargray 3 Emma Murray and Mud Buds Nasty Ninjas
Agress Hargray 4 PhillyTransplants Zombie Noise
MommyandMe Gunrunners Runnin 4 beer Call a Cab!
Geoffrey Jon Dirty Dozen Minus 10 Muddaholics Dirty South 1
Hargray 1 Rubber Ponies Hargray 2 The Fellas
Savannah CEO Maximum Effort Huc-a-poo’s Younger Better Looking Nasty Ninjas
Ticos Bonafide Outsiders
WAVE 14 8.39am
Furlinned Speedos Shark Sandwhich Dirty Musicians Muddbusters
Motley Müd Crüe Karen Deal and Muddy Buddies South Magazine Team Eady
Giggity Muddy Bums Got Beer? Brauda
Dirt Devils Floggin Yoggers Mudslinging Mommas Heat Players
Hancock Askew 1 Hancock Askew 2 Hancock Askew 3 Hancock Askew 4
Hancock Askew 5 Hancock Askew 6 Hancock Askew 7 Hancock Askew 8
Zombie Tsunami
WAVE 15 8.42am
Muniz wow 3 x-squad
Merry band of heavy breathers 2
Wow 1 wow 2 Team mo mo Dirty Dollz
Muddy Mix 1 Tad-pole Slow as molasses East coast muddlovas
Muddy Mix 2 Moore than you Lowered expectations Dream Team
Blossom and Mojo Jojo Muddy m&m Blue Pirates, Martins Team
Mud pies in your eyes Middle aged stallions
Merry band of heavy breathers 1
Swamp Mafia
Wow 4
WAVE 16 8.45am
Batman & Ivy Rives e Hinkle Mckringleberry Mud Bogged
Lynns Seals Worrell Construction Crime & Punishment Yee
BOLD Mamas BRAN wait for it AGAN Pain & Torture Muddy Bakers
Swamp Mafia Rollis Prado Power Mudzillas 2
Super Chics 1 Mud Pretty Muddies 1st time mudders Mudder & Daudder
Rub some dirt on it Dirty Monks Muddy Buddies Team Illingworth
Muddy Cobras Muddy Buddys
WAVE 17 8.48am
Team J Winters Rookie Squad Sunburns Swamp Chickens
Sswag’m (son with a great mom)
Mud Minnows Dirty 30 Cream Soda
Dirty Nurses Pen Foo Young Muddy as hell!!! Rainbow Unicorns
Farty Party Space Monkey Mafia Salt-n-pepper Down n Dirty
Mud-wise-errs Beasts of Bourbon Sears Squad Red Legs
Argh Matie Parhausers Muddy Sistas Cleorocks
Winter Elite Squad
WAVE 18 8.51am
Dirty Blondes Far Bot Team Awesome Sauce Dirty Girls
Donna Delmonte & Mud Buddies
Dirty Tighty Whitey’s Fighting Mud Hogs
Southern Charm Mud Daubers Wolverines Mud Turds
The Dirty Rascals The Mudsliders TK13 Mind over mud
Brother from Another Mudder Team Russ Assassins Mud Men
Remn & Stimpy The Jumping Luchadores Ron Jeremy Ranco Tent Rentals
Team Humphries
WAVE 19 8.54am
#truuu Dirt Balls Knight owl Squeaky Dirty
Hi lo gurlz Running Dirty Uncrustables Mud Guts Glory,
Aerotek 1 Team name here Bearded Mudders Southern Molasses
Aerotek 2 Voodoo Child Carter Allstate Team Blas
Aerotek 3 -squared Team lecates #1 Lumley
Flight works Mud, Sweat, and Tears Team la cates #2
Grass on the field play ball, if not –
Just like to party The Rippers
flip it over and play in the mud
WAVE 20 8.57am
Katee Lessen Derm Dynasty Quack Pack 2 Derm Dynasty Quack Pack 3 Derm Dynasty Quack Pack 4
Derm Dynasty Quack Pack 5 Derm Dynasty Quack Pack 6 Derm Dynasty Quack Pack 7 Derm Dynasty Quack Pack 8
Derm Dynasty Quack Pack 9 Derm Dynasty Quack Pack 10 Derm Dynasty Quack Pack 11 Derm Dynasty Quack Pack 12
LMI LMI Wing Nuts Team Exel WTF!
Team Awesome Mudder May I? The Punishers Honey Mudders
Muddy Dogs Dirt Flyers Mud Ninjas Bonnie~N~Clyde
Jackstyn Holyhead Harpies
WAVE 21 9.00am
What married people argue about
Fish-n-chippendales Analbumcover Your other guns
Mud Hogs Run forest run Conquering rupophobia Filthy osos
Mudshrooms, Muck John Deere One Flow Dirt Dirt Dirt
The Sea Robins Jersey Pups Muddy Noles Running dog clan
JCI Mud Runners Dirty Thirty Go bubby Dirty pyes
Beast Mode Barbies Spirit and discipline Pro0fit Godzilla
Harry & Lloyd
WAVE 22 9.03am
Meow power Southern Mud Charms Mudder dudder piglets Mud Diggers
Swamp Donkey, ivm sk/dk Coast busters S.O.S.
Hillary Hayman muddy buddies ivm at/cw Jayla Pancake party
Team pfm ivm ss/jh Paul Bunyan and babe Pretty little mudders
Bac attack Muddy Mommies How I met your mudder Cheer Mudders
Solemates Wrecking Crews Rad mud-keteers
ivm jds/nb It’s complicated
WAVE 23 9.06am
Dirty Hoes El machos muddy minions Gojigedavo Lenny
Dirty Divas The dynamic duo Ba Wrestlers P-neck
El blanco fuego Muddy chicken The Kumquats Da pack
Team water trash actuall Breitenbach Hellas Honey Mudders
Xtreme Tenacious turkies Vermonsters Down in the brown
Salt town sloots Muddy motes Dirty Delights Pooler runners
Dynamic Dirt Duo
WAVE 24 9.09am
Dirt stars Pooler Fire 4 Muck Buddies Wells
Dirty Money Pooler fire 5 Team kk Son and gun ny
Mas mud Team Yayo Dirt Flirts Twisty Taylor
Pooler Fire 1 Pooler Fire 6 Dude wheres my van Team Murica
Pooler Fire 2 Pooler Fire 7 Sweat Hogs Armstrong fam
Pooler Fire 3 Pooler Fire 8 Mud Heads I’m training for a Spartan race
We like it dirty
WAVE 25 9.12am
Team Domination Chaka khan Team Reid ivm sm/dt
Team Joshua HCT 3 Team asi, Celeste wood muddy buddies
Honey badgers 1 Mush you muddy huskies Muddy Coggins Muddy Martians
honey badgers 2 Anixter Green Pond Mud Holes
Team Gulb Gulb TeamGreen Gleefully Coggins, Brazucas Porretas
Running-a-muck Mountaineers Team Hulk Team gb
sh 3
WAVE 26 9.15am
Soggy britches Brawlers Dirty bat girls Jean claude and the terminator
Team need a drink Man stuff Brad aiken mud masters Talkmuddy2me
Philip Shaw the dirty ninjas Great balls of mud Northern aggression Running on empty
Merganser hill duck club Raw jalapenos Got the runs Team jcb uk
Cavemom & son Mud mafia George mullen beast mode Word 2 your mudder!!!
Whats a mud run Elephant shoes Team Kirham Dos purritos
      Shaunny tribe
WAVE 27 9.18am
Team cumulus Chatham parkway Toyota – Get that! mud butts
Mud runners Mud boggin beauties 3 Low country basement d&d
Chatham Parkway Toyota That’s not mud Mudsketeers We get beer at the end right?
Mud boggin beauties 1 Bash brothers Soda jerks Chatham parkway Toyota –
The neighbors All things basementry! Brothers of low country – mud boggin beauties 4
Chatham parkway Toyota – Team awesome sauce Basement systems Fifty shades of mud
mud boggin beauties 2 Team cumulus 2 team dirt map Yes sir thank you sir
  Lenins long shot Shannon/Liza
WAVE 28 9.21am
Turn down for mud? Mudiver The juice is worth the squeeze Veni vidi vici
Big dirty d’s gbgh Lil Mudders Super Mudders
Tuff Mudders
Mud just not for breakfast anymore!
I’m muddy and I know it Samuels girls
Your mudder likes it Zulu warriors The Vikings Betrayal gardeners
Gains Green Tank Hog slayers 2 turners
Herding Turtles Vos Electric Smiles koala-fied
mud gutz n glory    
WAVE 29 9.24am
Mudaholics Jackson Critz Team Neal
Hurry up and wait Badarse mudder funners Hurry up! Boondockers
Gatos Sucios Team Awesome mps llc-1 mps llc-2
Team Cumulus Hughes Classy till drunk Team martin
ASAP Kool Runnings Krake and bake Dirty Sailors
Super dads Cave dad and daughter
mud gutz n glory    
WAVE 30 9.27am
Hot grits big 10 Alcoholocaust Vicious and delicious
More hot grits Wii not fit Draggin ass through mud Young guns 2
Wise Quackers Water Talkers Ladys island 1 Dirty butts
Draggin Aces Filthy Mudbloods Word to your mudder Mudder Fudder
The Dirty Duo Synergy Homes Lady’s island 2
Dirty Irish Soggy Bottom Boys Muddy rwb
(s)he devils Bearded Brothers Young guns 1
WAVE 31 9.30am
Jessica Melvin dirty mudder fockers
Pour larrys 1
pour larrys 2
pour larrys 3